Sunday, June 2, 2013

Rustic Bridal Shower

A friend at work emailed me asking about a wedding shower cake. She sent me a link to her Pinterest page which showed a rustic wedding cake with a burlap flower as the accent piece. She told me that she had already made the fabric flower so all she needed was my cake expertise.

We decided on vanilla cake with fresh strawberries in the bottom layer and lemon curd as the filling for the top layers. I figured that those flavors would be perfect for a summer wedding shower. Although the rustic decoration may look easy, since is so free form, my slightly perfectionist tendencies made it a little more difficult. Having to make it look like I didn't try had me trying pretty hard, haha.

Overall I was pretty proud of this cake. I hadn't tried the rustic look before, and was pleased with hoe it turned out, especially since my friend did such a good job with the decorations for the shower. It looks like it could be in a bridal magazine!


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